Let's celebrate European values

Project focused on the celebration of European values . We will celebrate some of the most important European and World days together . 26th September European day of languages; 16th November Tolerance Day ; Christmas ; 27th January Shoah ; peace and no Violence day 30th January ; 14th February saint Valentine's . The aim of the project is to promote love, peace and tolerance across Europe . Students will reflect about the meaning of these values and their importance for human beings celebrating diversity and developing intercultural competence and european citizenship.

- Let's celebrate European values (rezumat proiect)


September 2017
- Icebreaking activities: interactive map, put the flag on the map; teachers and students' presentation - Padlet
- Getting into the subject : Answergarden
- Poster Project
- 26th September EDL celebration: Handmade cards - videos- images, 1st exchanging deadline 20th September . EDL Tree
October/November 2017
- 16th November Tolerance day- let's sing together - wordart
December 2017
- Christmas time in my country- handmade Christmas cards- 2nd exchanging deadline 4th December
January 2018
- 27th January SHOAH - 30th Peace and no violence day- videos - drawings- Word art
February 2018
- 14th February Saint Valentine's day- Love messages, Padlet
March 2018
- Cooperative Story
April 2018
- Cultural Heritage Padlet
May 2018
- Evaluation

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