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  This Project is prepared to search about our own culture and also other countries cultures, to introduce and present by doing and according to the collaborative learning plan. It is aimed fort he students to use the web2 tools, the Technologies of the 21st century.
For this , the students are going to prepare a cookbook consists of traditional recipes and a final magazine for the final of the Project.
The final exhibition will take place collaboratively.


Completing the partners and organizing the Project team.
Organizing the logo and slogan competitions of the Project
Preparing the culture posters of students and also teachers which they introduce the cultural heritage of their contries and cities.
Pairing up the countries and schools.
Students searching and preparing the flag and traditional dish of the partner country
Students drawing , designing or presenting the traditional clothing of the partner
Students searching and presenting or acting out a traditional legend of the partner country
Students searching about their own culture and also other countries cultural heritage and introducing by doing.
Preparing the culture boxes fort he final.
Students writing a traditional cookbook recipes via using web2 tools
Dissemination Works (Organizing an indoor exhibition consists of cultural posters , preenting the cookbook to someone important),
Students preparing the final magazine fort he Project.


Coordonator proiect: bibl. Smărăndoiu Daniela

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